“People’s indoor spaces become ‘portraits’ of their experiences living within them. I’ll also paint rooms in my own home, capturing the peace and memories that seem to embrace me warmly.”

Still Life

“I get great pleasure creating paintings of flowers and objects that have a profound personal meaning to me. These compositions have a very meditative effect; the richness of the colours and textures make me happy.”


“Since the early 2000’s I’ve had the privilege to work behind the scenes at Les Grands Ballets Canadiens of Montreal. I’ve always been attracted to costumes, dance and backstage moments of reflection. Theatre and dance continue to inspire me, whether they be classical or contemporary.”

Landscapes and Cityscapes

“Sometimes I feel the need to paint landscapes and cityscapes that resonate with me and reflect my personal experiences.”


“My portraits are not traditional; they’re usually of special friends or people who I admire and are composed in their unique environments.”

An image archive of all works from the past 25 years is available for viewing upon request. Please contact Lynda Schneider Granatstein to request access.

Lynda Schneider Granatstein